Feira da Ladra

Natalie and I went to the Feira da Ladra, or the Thieves Market, to get some footage of an "Unofficial Ambassador of Lisbon" for a project we're working on with a local tourism company. I'll be interviewing Miguel at his home in Sintra where he and his partner make some really cool t-shirts.
(Video coming soon)!
A little bit of Texas in Alfama (this one's for you, Patriotic Pati).
I found some rings and Natalie got a pocket watch (necklace? locket?); cheap market jewelry is a weakness for both of us.


  1. Hei!
    Can you please tell me the name or site from the guys that made t-shirts?
    I'm looking for them for a year!
    Like your pictures! (:
    Thank you, Mariana

  2. Hi Mariana! Here is the site for Miguel's t-shirts:

  3. Hello, I am also looking for the web site of the guys who make the T-shirts. I bought some a few jears ago, and I would be very happy to order some again.
    Thanks a lot,




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